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About Us

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Private Mortgage by Dominion Lending Centres – Faizal Garasia aims to address the growing needs of Canadians to have a better financing solution. Turned down by banks and other lenders? Issues with bad credit? In a hurry to purchase a property? Well, we got you covered with our services for Private Mortgage Canada!

Private Mortgages

Stricter mortgage rules and regulations have plagued Canadians in the last year. Banks and traditional lending institutions get turned off with the bad credit and unstable financial situation of potential home-buyers. In effect, more and more individuals go to sketchy loan sharks and untrustworthy lenders promising them they’d get the best of their money’s worth. But this shouldn’t be the case.

Every Canadian deserves to get an opportunity to build or finance the home of their dreams. Nothing and no one should ever stop them from achieving what they want in life. This is what motivated Faizal Garasia to establish Private Mortgages Canada in 2019.

Faizal has been working for years as a mortgage and financial expert. With his in-depth understanding of personal finance, taxes, credit, real estate, and all other things mortgage-related, he has successfully helped hundreds of clients to financially redeem themselves. He knows that everyone comes from a different background and situation, that’s why you can be assured that you are given the solution that would perfectly suit your needs. This time, he is out to bring out his expertise and widen he’s reach to help more clients through Private Mortgages Canada.

But why choose Private Mortgages?

A partner you can trust.

What can Private Mortgages give me?

First of all, we want to give our clients peace of mind regarding their case. We handle our client’s cases like it’s our own. Here’s what Private Mortgages can assure you, once you sign your contract with us:

Private Mortgage

Repair and Rebuild your Credit​

If you have bad credit wanting to apply for a mortgage, we don’t just get you the mortgage that you need. We will help you fix your credit, change your old financial habits, and maintain a good credit standing.

Secure your Approval


Getting an approval for our clients is what we always want to achieve. We want to help you make your dream home a reality.

Fast and Hassle-Free Application Process

For one, you don’t need to undergo a mortgage stress test. You just have to prove you are willing and have the capacity to pay. Then you’re good to go!

Get your Money’s Worth


We know how dreadful it is if you lose your hard-earned money for nothing! That is why we offer the best rates so you can actually save more in the long run.

Build a Lasting Relationship with You

Well, our relationship with you does not end when you get the mortgage financing or debt consolidation you wanted. We will guide you and give you financial information and education so you can make well-informed financial decisions in the future.

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