Credit Card Consolidation Into Mortgage

Debts, if not maintained well, can be overwhelming. The process of rebuilding your credit, once damaged, can be exhausting. It will take a lot of time, patience, and too much work to do. Debt consolidation is one of the options available for you to repair your credit and give you an easier way to repay your existing debts, such as credit card debt.

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Debt consolidation and is it worth it?

Debt consolidation uses different financing forms to pay off other debts and liabilities. Multiple debts are combined into one and more significant loan. In that case, you only have one obligation to pay instead of worrying about many due dates to pay.

Is it worth it, though?

According to Dr. Sherry Cooper, “If it was distinguished as a credit card debt, it is undoubtedly a great idea to consolidate it into a mortgage. Because credit card debt is probably the worst kind of debt because it explodes quickly.”

Credit card debt is one of an individual’s worst kinds of debt. Individuals who have credit cards overspend. Not all, but almost. Consumers are tempted to spend beyond their means when they have credit cards on their hands.

That is why credit cards explode quickly. If not maintained and you are not a responsible holder, you will not notice that you’ve been swiping your card a lot.

Pros and Cons of Consolidating your Credit Card Debt into a Mortgage


  1. Streamlines Finances- Merging your multiple debts into one can help you avoid missed and late payments, improving your credit score.
  2. Payoff debts quickly- if you have smaller payments each month because of debt consolidation, consider making extra payments on the money you save every month. This way, you can finish off your debt quickly.
  3. Lower interest rate- if fortunate, you can find a lower interest rate for your consolidated debt. That is if you increase or maintain a good score during your previous loans.
  4. Reduce monthly payment- when you consolidate your debt, you’re most likely to pay a much lower amount than your previous payments with multiple debts. You only have one payment each month. That one payment will then be distributed to your consolidated debts.
  5. Can improve credit score- instead of multiple payments, you are only left with one payment if you consolidate your debt. That means it is easier to track your payments, and it will result in increasing your credit score.


  1. Comes with an added cost- consolidating your debt comes with additional fees like origination and closing costs.
  2. Could raise the interest rate- if you have a low credit score, you might have to pay a higher interest rate. Make sure you understand the terms and policies of the lender before signing for a consolidation.
  3. More interest over time- it may seem that you are paying a lower interest rate, but along the way, you may not notice that you’ve been paying more interest.
  4. Risk of missing payments- missing or late payments in debt consolidation can cause more damage to your credit score. Use automatic payments to ensure that your payments are on time, review your budget and make sure you can afford your new payment.
  5. Doesn’t solve underlying financial issues-debt consolidation doesn’t mean your existing debts will be removed or solve your financial problems. It can only be solved if your payments are made.

Is consolidating your credit card a good idea?

Debt consolidation can be a wise decision but not always the best decision you can make. It is always best to maintain and be responsible for your spending. Financial budgeting can be a great help, especially if you strictly comply.

The best decision is to avoid the cause of debt consolidation. Ask yourself, why do you need debt consolidation? Is it your overspending? Did you lose a job? Did you have an emergency? After admitting the source as to why you are struggling, reflect on yourself.

There may be options available for you, but it is always best to avoid the causes.

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In conclusion:

Your situation will only tell you if debt consolidation is a good idea. Debt consolidation may be an easy way to pay off your debts, but it is on you if you will stay debt-free or you’ll choose to get burned in the same flame again.

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Financial stability is only possible if you are responsible enough to maintain your credit and manage your finances. If you do not have the proper discipline, it will become a waste if you consolidate your debts.

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