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    Do you acquire credit card debt, auto loan payments and other medical bills and others? Could you easily pay down your debts all at once? Imagine doing it right on your accounts. It would be advantageous for you and for your debts to be paid down without writing checks with different amounts for different institutions. Write it, deposit and transfer is the only thing you have to do to pay all of the debts you owe. 

    In fact, debt consolidation is the term we can use when you are paying all of your debts at one time. Debt consolidation combines all of your debts so that you can only pay once monthly. By gaining credit card debt, auto loan debt or any other loan, it is obvious that it has its own interest rate, contract and payment duration. With the help of debt consolidation, you will gain favorable interest rates or terms without encountering hassle challenges on your loans or accounts. 

    debt consolidation

    How does debt consolidation work?

    If you decide to have debt consolidation, you can get a new loan that pays off all your other unsecured loans. Other than finally enjoying the perks of debt consolidation, which is easier paying off debts, you can now have a chance to save money over time with its lowest interest rate. Moreover, getting out of debt will be faster and easier with flexible terms offered. 

    What are my debt consolidation options?

    There is a wide array of options for you if you want to consolidate your debt. First of all, you can simply go to any banks or lending institutions and find the one that offers the best rate for you. Just remember that they have stricter regulations and requirements. So, if you do not have impressive credit or if you don’t meet their minimum requirement, you might reconsider going to the banks.

    Sometimes, lending institutions or traditional banks will not accept your application for debt consolidation. But you can still have this helpful procedure with the support of private mortgage lenders. Many private mortgage companies always look forward to offering debt consolidation as it will be useful for consumers to have their debts consolidated as soon as possible. Even if you have a bad credit or high-income ratio, they will find ways and terms to fit your wants and needs. 

    Debt Consolidation and Second Mortgage

    If you’re still searching for options you can have, you can also take a second mortgage. With a second mortgage, you have your home’s equity as collateral. Then, you can borrow a large amount of money from a lender. Some lenders even let you borrow up to 80% of your home’s value. Lastly, when you finally have the money, you can now implement and have more time to arrange the consolidation of your debts.

    One of the benefits you can enjoy when getting a second mortgage is its lower interest rates. You can use this advantage to consolidate your debts since most credit card companies charge 10% or more as interest. The only disadvantage of getting a second mortgage to consolidate your debt is that your house will be considered collateral. You will lose your house once you default on paying monthly payments. Thus, when considering or choosing this option, it is always best to remember to constantly pay your monthly payments on time. 

    Am I ready to consolidate my debt?

    If you are overwhelmed with all the pros and cons of consolidating your debt and still unsure if you should go for it, you should research. Try researching by asking Ontario’s banks, lending institutions, private lenders and financial experts. Ultimately, it is always the best time to begin your debt consolidation when you know what you’re entering or doing and when you recognize the benefits or responsibility of it. 

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