Your #1 Stop Mortgage Solution!

 Get Your Mortgage Approved Today!

Your #1 Stop Mortgage Solution!

 Get Your Mortgage Approved Today!
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Mortgage lender in canada

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    We can help you!

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      What Makes Us a Better Mortgage Help Other than the Rest?

      No Hassle

      We value your time. Thus, we ensure we have everything handy and ready for you too.

      Easily appliable mortgage application

      Easy and Faster

      By keeping ahead of time, you can be certain that all documents and applications will be included with the compliance you have shown with your effort.

      No Hidden

      Some organizations like these prefer additional fees that may be fruitful for their good or benefits. Yet, some mortgage companies still offer genuine mortgage assistance with no hidden fees, just pure professionalism.

      Low rates mortgage in canada

      Guaranteed Low Mortgage Rates

      With increasing costs and expenses today, it will take a lot of work to continue living off the dream you have from the very beginning. With our lowest mortgage rates, we can help you get your mortgage approved as soon as possible.

      Client Feedback

      You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

      Being a Private Mortgage Lender, we have the ability to fully customize your mortgage, treating each client individually. We take the time to know your unique circumstances. We customize each mortgage for our clients.

      As a Private Lender, we have the ability to take a 2 day mortgage with PMC. Again, we work with each client to customize their terms.

      Private Mortgage Canada. We have access to funds of $5,000 to $1.5m + up dollars. We deliver funds to you after 3 business days.

      Interest Rates – Fixed + Variable offered.

      *As of March 2, 2022 Bank of Canada
      *Prime Rate:     3.2% prime
                                – 1.1  
      Current Rate:   2.19%

      We have maintained one of the lowest mortgage fees in the mortgage industry. Upon receipt of your application, we will provide you with our fees within 24 hours.

      Our Mortgage Agent Level 2 are ready to answer your question
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