Do you need some makeover to your home and turn it into your dream home? Have you ever purchased an investment property that needs improvement before selling it? Whatever your goal is, a home renovation is an excellent course of action in adding value to your home.

We at Private Mortgage Canada provide exemplary services in bringing you the dream for your home renovations as fast as possible.

Our experts are all shaped by experiences and education so that you can assure a quality solution and a proven system bridging you towards satisfaction and success.

Home Renovation

Most people get worried about the qualification for home renovation, but it’s possible to have it happen.

No matter what situation you have, we understand your need. We will help you with quick and easy approval and come up with various options for home renovation deals and financing that will best suit you.

Renovating your home is like a fresh start, and it’s indeed an exciting and memorable life event. As most of us do, we are aware of the importance of home in our daily lives, and it also needs care as it shelters us from anything.

Home Renovation

Let us know your goal, and we are willingly happy to serve you in making your dreams transpire!

Home Renovations are available for:

•    Painting and flooring
•    Roof and foundation replacement
•    Bedroom addition
•    Basement completion
•    Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling
•    New Deck and Landscaping

Home Renovation Financing Deals

A home renovation may be pricy, but fortunately, we at Private Mortgage Canada have an established system that makes it easy to approve and qualify for a home renovation loan. Financing options have diverse advantages and disadvantages.
There are ways to finance your home improvement loan. So, it’s better to have set some money to assist you with costs before you apply for this loan.

You may note some essential factors below.


A Personal Line of Credit

This can be a better choice for ongoing or long-term projects if you’re working on your home little by little. In this regard, you’ll only pay interest from the cash you withdraw.

The interest rates of a line of credit are typically much lower than credit cards. Moreover, you can also re-borrow funds if they are below the credit limit.


Credit Cards or Savings

You can repay within a few weeks using your credit card if your purchase requires less capital. This can be a good option if you have a sustainable income and will be able to save money quickly.

On the other hand, it’s not a good idea if you intend to borrow a large amount on your credit card. It’s excellent if you consider applying for a home renovation loan instead.

If you’re borrowing a large amount of money from your credit card, avoid carrying the balance for too long. You’ll lose money in the long run if you do that. You may also try and choose a credit card offering low-interest rates.


Secured Line of Credit and Home Equity Loan

These two options have similar advantages to regular credit lines and loans. However, since your home equity is secured, they are also subject to legal fees.

These choices depend on how much money you want to pay upfront for legal charges and the value of your home equity.


Mortgage Refinancing
If your goal is to complete a major home renovation, this option could mean the best for you. Mortgage refinancing has a favorable interest rate than credit cards but will need some setup costs.
Repayment is typically a setup for the long term to help you continue working and save money as you complete your renovation.


Financing the Renovation Upon Purchase

Adding the cost to your mortgage can be more pricy than applying for another loan if you’re buying a home and are already planning a renovation. Furthermore, this option offers a lower interest rate than credit cards.


Personal Home Renovation Loan

A personal home renovation loan has a lower interest rate than credit cards and offers a long year ranging from 1 to 5 years to pay. This way, it will secure the time for you to pay back the loan without the pressure of high interest.

The monthly payment is curated and organized for you!


We at Private Mortgage Canada have prided ourselves based on our years in the industry. We have accumulated excellent and positive reviews as we believe in our principles, expertise, and dedication to serving our clients. A proven system that organizes the process and makes it hassle-free for you!

We offer the best option for helping you get approved quickly and efficiently regardless of your credit score and income by aligning your situation to your goals.

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Home renovation

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