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How To Use Hybrid Mortgage To Your Advantage and Benefits


There’s been a lot of talk and debate about hybrid mortgages over the past few years, with advocates and op-posers both being very vocal. Hybrid home loans are used by middle borrowers who are indecisive about whether to go fixed or variable rate and with more than 70% of borrowers concerned about the rate’s fluctuating behaviour, it’s no surprise this type of loan are a talking point.

As hybrid mortgages are capturing the headlines, there are pros and cons in regards to it. Here’s everything you need to know about hybrid mortgages.

Fixed Mortgage Rate

Rates of your mortgage are fixed for a scheduled period of time. Borrowers with this type of mortgage product are unaffected by the mortgage’s interest rate fluctuations.

Variable Mortgage Rate

Rates are set by a bank, lender, mortgage broker, or financial institution. In this type of mortgage product, your rate could fluctuate up or down depending on the current market situation.

If interest rates go up, payments could go towards the interest more while when the interest rate goes down, more of your payments could go to your principal amount.

Hybrid Mortgage Defined

Hybrid adjustable-rate mortgage (Hybrid ARM), also known as Fixed-period ARM, contains a mix of a fixed-rate mortgage and a variable rate mortgage. This type of mortgage allows you to locks your prime rate at a higher fixed interest rate and a lower rate portion for your variable rate.


  • Choosing a hybrid mortgage, its stability of a fixed rate or fixed portion allows you to become unaffected by rate changes and rate increases when mortgage rates go up.
  • When the mortgage rate goes down, it will offset the higher costs of your fixed interest rate and your variable portion will cost lesser.
  • Makes room to breathe when your debts are floating are kept in portion while staying in the comfort zone of fixed interest rate
  • Relieves the uneasiness of always worrying and predicting the trajectory of fluctuations of your interest rates for the remaining span life of the loan.
  • The availability of this mortgage product has reached and is being offered by several lenders and mortgage brokers.
  • Borrowers have the capability to personalize their mortgage portion and a 50/50 mortgage is not necessary.
  • You’ll be able to manage and get an overview of your financial budget and finances while on a fixed mortgage rate.
  • Long-term fixed-rate is possible in regards to your preferences whether 5 years, 10-year term, or your preferred number of years.
  • Variable-rate tables you to pay less monthly obligations and interest costs over the long run than a fixed rate.
  • Offers an agreeable and doable degree of flexibility among borrowers.
  • As your income increases, while being a recent graduate or a new professional on your field, or your financial situation improves within your business, a hybrid arm could prove affordable and possible.


  • Your chosen bank, lender, mortgage broker, or financial institution may not have this kind of mortgage product as the availability was limited a few years back.
  • Hybrid mortgages cannot be transferred between banks, lenders, brokers, or financial institutions.
  • You could face and pay a penalty if both rate portions’ maturity dates have lurched.
  • Its complexities could have a little leverage with your bank when renews and negotiations are made.
  • There is no data and guarantee that suggests you’ll be able to save some money
  • Hybrid ARM conditions may differ depending on your chosen bank, lender, mortgage broker or financial institution.

Final Thoughts

A combination of fixed and variable rates could be a advantage in the long run. However, life is uncertain as well as the market situation for homes and currently listed properties.

Whether you choose a fixed, variable, or hybrid mortgage product is absolutely your choice, but it is important to have confidence in your financial decision as it could have significant benefits or repercussions for you and your family members – so choose wisely.


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