Is Refinancing Easier Compared to Getting A Mortgage?

Getting a new mortgage to replace the original, it is called refinancing. With a refinancing in Canada, the loan you initially got to purchase your house is paid off, which allows the second mortgages to be generated. For borrowers who have a great credit history, refinancing is the best way for them to convert a variable loan to a fixed one to get a lower interest rate.

Why some people do not want to refinance?

  Process is slow – The process may take 60 days.

 Costs – The cost is up to 6%

You Should know these things before you refinance


The first thing that you need to find out is the equity in your home. The home values have been on the rise since the end of 2019. However, it is important to take note that not all homes are the same, and some other homes may not have regained their value, which means that they have low equity. Refinancing your home with low to no equity can be difficult with conventional lenders, but some programs enable homeowners to have that option. The better way to find out what you qualify for is to visit a lender and discuss your unique situation.

The Cost Of Refinancing

If you are thinking of refinancing your home, the cost will usually be between 3% and 6% of the total loan account. But, there are things that you can do to reduce the costs or have them included in the cost. Always do your best interest to research, negotiate, and shop around, as some financing fees can be paid for by the lender.

Rates Vs Terms

Often when thinking about refinancing, borrowers will focus solely on the interest rates. You must establish your goals from the beginning so that you can choose the best mortgage product for your unique needs. If you want to get the lowest monthly payments possible, then it will be best for you to get a loan with the lowest interest rate for the longest term.

Bottom line:

When it comes to refinancing your home, it is a must that you research for the good mortgage refinancing in Canada. by doing so, you may get the lowest interest. A mortgage broker in Canada may give you a fixed-rate mortgage or a variable rate mortgage.  knowing different options may help you get a higher mortgage amount.

Are you looking for a mortgage agent in Toronto?  Talk to us and we are happy to help you out with your refinancing needs. We can also guide and educate you.

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