Top 8 Must-Follow Tips for Mortgage Pre-Approval

Everyone comes to a point where they wonder if they will purchase a property. Whether it is for their investment or their own primary residence. It always comes with the responsibility of entertaining mortgage offers, dealing with realtors, conversing with mortgage brokers, negotiating with lenders, and financial institutions.

However, when doing this without a basis or standard of parameters for yourself; it would be unsuccessful. In the end, it would be a waste of time and effort. One should always consider having a mortgage pre-approval.

The following are some helpful tips when getting a mortgage pre-approval:

Get A Mortgage Pre-Approval Before Anything Else

When house hunting, or applying for a mortgage pre-approval it would be a good idea to start getting approved.

Once you have a overview of your financial budget and money allocation for a purchase price this would give you an edge for the coming mortgage amount. You could know how much you could afford for a mortgage payment and receive an estimated maximum amount for a mortgage loan from mortgage lenders.

Look For Some More Favorable Mortgage Rates

Seeking a low mortgage rate could save a hefty amount of money in the long run. Avoid getting an interest rate that is offered as soon as you talked to a lender. There are several more reasonable rates out there and all you need to do is to research and compare for them.

Guides from a mortgage broker could allow you to access different varieties of products and services. As well as interest rates, financial institutions, banks, and prime lenders.

Compile Possible Needing Requirements

Complying with complete documents and information such as, bank accounts, pay stubs, and credit score, it could make the pre-approval process easier and faster when compiled. Mortgage pre-approval could be done immediately within an hour and produce results if you are qualified for a mortgage.

The following is a list of some mortgage documents required:

  • 2 recent years of T1 or T4 (all pages) showing your name and employer.
  • Recent dated Letter of Employment (if employed)
  • 2 most recent consecutive pay stubs(if employed)
  • 2 Government-issued ID’s (health card not accepted)
  • Latest Property Tax Bill (if any)
  • Latest Mortgage Statement (if any)
  • Condo Fee (if any)
  • 3 to 12 months bank statement for down paymentpurposes
  • List of assets like vehicles, savings, life insurance, RRSP, mutual funds, stocks, and/or bonds. (information is required but no documents needed)
  • 2 recent years of Notice of Assessment
  • Business Documents (if self-employed)

Always Open Your Communication

With our access to modern technologies, connecting with brokers and lenders has become easier and more convenient.

In these modern times, there are several ways to reach out and find ways for transactions such as, online banking, virtual meetings, electronic mail transfers, and many more.

Review Received Quotation

Using a mortgage calculator, brokers determine all the values you might need to know from the purchase price, interest rate, monthly payments, to the loan amount in proportion to your assets and liabilities.

Mortgage brokers could provide you an outline indicated to a quotation that is sent through email or your preferred communication for free.

Don’t Go Over Your Financial Capacity

Drop the thought of maximizing the purchase price. Mortgage prices may not be always exact and accurate. One should keep in mind that there are additional costs and fines that might exceed your price expectations.

You should always consider that there are also some hidden charges and application fees when purchasing a property. Review your credit histories and credit limit’s capacity that fits the parameters.. Do your own computations while being aware of your own budget.

Refrain From Big Or Unnecessary Purchases

Manage your expenses and purchases on a minimum because if there are major changes, it could be one of the reasons that reject your loan.

Your budget shouldn’t change from the application process to the lender submission. Maintain your finances and debt service ratios.

Turn Away From New Credit Card Applications

Credit applications such as, personal loans or credit cards may be a risk to your mortgage pre-approval. If you have a change on your debt level and available credit like co-signing with a friend or family member; this could also be a factor in your mortgage approval.

Avoid Actions That May Change Your Numbers

Employment status is a crucial part of mortgage applications. Changing or quitting from a job could disrupt the steady flow of income that lenders require.

It would be a risk to lenders to allow your loan if you suddenly transitioned to self-employment or business ownership because they can’t predict your income anymore and your financial stability has become unstable.

Bad Credit For Mortgage

A bad credit mortgage broker could also help you get a pre-approval for your subject property and getting a mortgage with a low credit score could also happen. Even if there might be some fees and costs, it could prove beneficial and worthwhile to our efforts, After all our goal is for the long run.

Final Thoughts

Getting a step ahead of anything in life makes a significant impact especially on your mortgage application. In the end, making the effort with your finances and preparing your documents could drastically change your future.

Look around for several opportunities and don’t be afraid to approach them. It all comes down to your financial health and stability. Your goals wouldn’t be far if you made plans ahead of time and be consistent with your cashflow. The move-in date should be that achievable.

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