Private Mortgage Company: Appraisal Shortfall with Opportunities

With the huge effect of inflation on the market and to different housing opportunities today, it will be truly a challenging yet amazing homebuying journey. Searching for a home will take you to another place, such as when you’re trying to buy a home and the mortgage lender’s appraiser says the house is worth less than you agreed to pay. This is where an appraisal gap or a low appraisal will be available. That said, a private mortgage company may also be a helpful support for you as you encounter some problems like this. But first, let us take a deeper knowledge of Low Appraisal. 

What is Low Appraisal?

A low appraisal is when a professional appraiser determines a property’s value to be lower than the expected or perceived market worth. This can occur for various reasons and is a common concern in today’s real estate market. In addition, appraisal shortfall may also happen when home prices are rising rapidly, and it can happen too when home values are falling. Here are some of the reasons why Low Appraisal occurs: 

1. Market Fluctuations

Rapid shifts in the real estate market can cause disparities between the property’s actual and appraised values. When property prices rise or fall rapidly, appraisers may struggle to keep up with the dynamic trends.

2. Limited Comparable Sales

Rapid shifts in the real estate market can cause disparities between the property’s actual and appraised values. When property prices rise or fall rapidly, appraisers may struggle to keep up with the dynamic trends.

3. Unique Property Features

Uncommon or specialized property features can pose difficulties in determining an accurate value. Appraisers might not have enough data on similar properties to assess the uniqueness properly.

4. Property Condition 

A property’s physical condition significantly impacts its appraisal value. Deferred maintenance, outdated features, or significant structural issues can lead to a lower appraisal.

5. Economic Conditions 

Broader economic factors, such as unemployment rates, interest rates, or local economic conditions, can influence property values and affect appraisals.

With the different factors in our economy, it is evident that many homebuyers are being hindered due to the low appraisal effect on their homeownership process. 

What to Do to Overcome a Low Appraisal?

• You can pay the difference in Cash.

If the seller doesn’t lessen the price, it will take a bigger down payment on your end – enough to cover the difference between the appraised value and the price. 

Additionally, you will have a bigger down payment because of the mortgage lenders, who won’t let you borrow more than the home’s worth. 

To have the confirmation going on about your property’s worth, the lender will now have the chance to hire an independent third party to assess the property’s value. That third party is the appraiser. 

On the other hand, cash buyers don’t have lenders they have to worry about as they don’t need appraisals. It is an advantage as they can easily deal with today’s competitive market. 

• Renegotiate with the seller.

There are other ways you can do to overcome an appraisal shortfall. One of these is requesting a review of the appraisal if you find any inaccuracies in the appraiser’s report. You can ask for help from an agent who can help you research and do some paperwork. If not, you can move forward and have your mortgage open for re-application with another lender and hope for a more favourable appraisal. 

However, there is a disadvantage to a situation like this wherein the problem mostly relies on time, and it might bring an impatient seller onto the scene and may accept other offers instead. 

In the end, if you have an appraisal contingency, you can certainly walk away and make an offer on another property.

• Explore Private Mortgage Lenders

If you are still having an appraisal shortfall, consider the exploration of private mortgage lenders. Their rates may be pricey, but they can flexibly offer you ideal rates for your homeownership journey. 

With private mortgage Canada‘s rate and flexibility from a private mortgage company more than traditional banks, you may have the chance to potentially have your home than dealing with underlying strict guidelines. Lastly, they are more willing to lend based on a higher appraised value, helping you bridge the shortfall. 


Overcoming an appraisal shortfall demands a proactive and resourceful approach. There are various avenues to explore, whether it’s renegotiating with the seller, bringing in more Cash, challenging the appraisal, seeking a second opinion, or exploring private mortgage lenders.

Remember to communicate openly with all parties involved and leverage the expertise of real estate professionals to find the best solution for your unique situation. By being persistent and resourceful, you can navigate through appraisal challenges and proceed confidently with your real estate transaction.

If you are still looking for another mortgage lender to assist with your appraisal, the search is over, as you have the help of a Private Mortgage Lender! Other than appraisal shortfall, we can offer second mortgages, commercial mortgages, bridge mortgages, debt consolidation, bad credit mortgages and many more. 

Connect with us today, and don’t miss your chance to learn more from a private mortgage company about your homebuying process. 

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