"We felt very confident in signing with him..."

Besides a professional and friendly approach, the greatest help Faizal was able to provide was his patience with our many questions about the mortgage approval process, lenders, CMHC tax, down payments, interest rates, etc. He easily answered all of our questions with very helpful answers. At the same time, doing everything electronically saved us time. We actually never met Faizal in person, but we could do everything over the phone, by email and by text. He also negotiated a good rate and a mortgage we can make multiple payments on, anytime we want. Ultimately, after a solid process, we felt very confident in signing with him and recommended him to two other couples. one who also used his services and the other still looking for a property. Faizal's agreeableness, professionalism, and patience went a long way in making an already stressful process that much easier. We'll use his services again when we renew in about four years.

Odin Cabrera
"Second time working with Faizal..."

This is our second time working with Faizal and his team - and again, we are immensely pleased! He’s professional, responsive, and mostly offers great ways and advice to our case. In fact, he always adds more information and presents them very comprehensibly to help us make the best decision. Thank you, Faizal. We highly recommend him and his team to our friends and your next mortgage!

Tanika Baker
"Worth checking out for..."

Faizal Garasia did an amazing job on our mortgage request in a very short period. In fact, I am completely blown away by how calm and professional he is in dealing with our mortgage needs. He and his team are definitely worth checking for. Thanks for being so awesome while being professional on our case. I will definitely look for him for our mortgage next time.

Ms. Scarlett Shay
"Very professional mortgage agent..."

He is really a blessing to us. Faizal Garasia is a very professional mortgage agent in our case. In fact, he makes sure that he gets the job done in time. He can also work for your best interest. We are always grateful to you, Faizal! Thank you very much!

John & Gretchen
"You made it very simple!"

Faizal made it very simple! Because of Faizal’s services and his loaded knowledge, he can easily and thoroughly explain the terms. You must check his team and his services!

RE/MAX Crossroads Realty Inc.
"So happy we knew Faizal..."

I want you to know that Faizal did an amazing job on my mortgage! He is indeed a professional, as he can answer all of our questions about homebuying in a way we can understand. He also guides us from the beginning until the end. So happy we encountered Faizal and his team!

Tony Guadagnolo
"I am actually speechless..."

Faizal and his team proved that many professional people can still help you with everything. I am actually speechless about what they’ve done to my case. They are really impressive! Really appreciate your support and effort. Thanks, Faizal!

Grace Gallanes
"My son's first home..."

So glad I came across Faizal and his team. They helped us with the closing of our Boutique townhome. It was a challenging journey, but despite the pressure we felt, he professionally handled everything in the best ways possible. Thanks to you, my son now has his first home. Thank you, Faizal! No doubt that we will be contacting you again next time!

Wilma del Rio
"I highly recommend them..."

I highly recommend Faizal and his team filled with detailed professionalism in this field. Their support and assistance from the start until the end is breathtaking. I am really speechless. You must check their offers and services. They are indeed worth checking out. Sending my warm thanks to Faizal and his team!

Janko Lovcanin
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