Hard Money Loans: What to Expect

When applying for a hard money loan, it is much helpful and easier that you already know what it is to increase the possibilities of being approved.

Hard money loans in Canada is an asset based loan financing which a borrower receives a fund s securely using a collateral value or a real estate properties. Their main focus will be the value of the collateral you present and not your credit score or if you have a previous bad credit.


This is one of the demanding type of loan than to obtain a bank loan. There are multiple labels used to describe hard money loans, however, they will all fall down to describing as difficult to obtain loans.

Agents, Brokers, Loan Officers, Loan Brokers, or even mortgage bankers this are commonly used names to call for hard money lenders. You should know the players, plus the role they played is very critical to getting the right loan and for fast approval rate. If you decided to go for a private money loan, you might consider working with a professional who specializes in this area.

For a traditional or conventional lending, the mortgage broker’s primary roles is on the front-end transactions. He or she is responsible for taking the application, discussing the entire loan programs and their criteria, gathering the income and asset documentation from the borrower and makes up the majority of their responsibilities.

The loan file is then passed on to processing, underwriting and shutting staff that see it through to settlement. Private mortgage lenders in Ontario or funding sources are provided to the loan professional by the corporate or bank the loan officer works for and will use the power of sale.

While, for hard money lenders, the face of the transaction is simply the tip of the iceberg. These highly skilled entrepreneurs arrange the complete transaction from start to complete and for some cases, funding hard money loans with their own money. They’ll re-sell your loan quickly to a non-public investor to liquidate their funds, their skills and relationships with funding sources is significant to providing you with the hard money loan to suit your needs.

Hard money lenders manages and often personally performs all of the subsequent processes required to get your loan closed:

Generate a loan package that includes your income, credit and asset documentation that you have provided.

Title ordering and coordinating.

Verifying payment and reinstatement of loans as needed.

Finding the best hard money loan, and advising you on the best program.

Providing federal and state disclosures.

Ordering real estate appraisals.

Sign and accept the file for investors looking for hard money loans and matching you with a private investor to fund the loan.

Determining the mode of payment or loan service.

Managing all loan documents and the loan settlement for closing.

Please see below details and what is involve with each step.

Creating your loan package – A well-documented and detailed loan package is key to finding a private investor or a private lender willing to fund your mortgage loan. There are a lot of private mortgage brokers that may help you find a private mortgages in Toronto. Expect to possess a Probable Maximum Cost (PML) that may run a credit report, and ask you for tax returns for multiple years, financial statements, bank and investment statements together with a variety of other documents that provide proof of assets and liabilities.

The PML will help you with the complete loan application process (frequently referred to as the 1003), as well as a document called a Statement of Information (SI).

The SI assists the title company as they research the title of the property for liens and judgments. The documents required varies depending on type of loan and to each borrower’s personal financial situation.  What separates a great private money lender from a novice or a lender new in private money lending is that they will intimately know which documents their investor will need to approve the deal.

Gathering and reviewing title information – Gathering and reviewing title information. A preliminary title report. This is one of the important document involve. It is a way to insure that the transaction includes the summary of your existing liens, judgments, easements and other impediments on your property.

A title companies compile this report together to issue a title insurance to the buyer. This is a mandatory requirement for the investor. After doing so, you need to fill out the SI along with your application this will give the title company and your PML the data that they need to process your loan quickly. Then your PML will review and discuss with you any unexpected possibilities that may prevent your loan from funding.

Ordering Payoffs and Reinstatements –Reinstatement is where you stop the foreclosure if any for your delinquencies. As a borrower, you have to know the needed amount to reinstate then will bring the delinquent to current. Depends on the type of lien, the payoff required to obtain within a few days or sometime may take several weeks.

For a traditional way, this process usually handled by escrow however for a good mortgage finance knows that there are some last minute problems to arise may be associated with document accuracy. Usually PML ask this documents on your behalf to insure that everything is accurate. Private mortgages in Toronto considers private money loans as very loan-to-value sensitive and an unforeseen high payoff can derail the loan at the last moment.

Advising you on the loan –Loans available to you may depend on the PML, their specialty, and their investors available to fund the loan. Don’t expect a proper list and brochure of the loan programs such as you would see at a bank. Everything is negotiable and also the good thing about a PML is that the loan may be customized to satisfy the wants of the borrower and also the investor.

The key’s to search out the happy medium between the quantity of profit required by the PML and also the investor (realized through fees, rate, loan term, etc) to urge the deal done.

Providing disclosures – Federal and state disclosures differ looking on the kind loan. These disclosures provide you with key information about the loan you’ve applied for and are designed to tell and protect the borrower. A primary real estate loan on a residential property requires different disclosures than an advert loan against a warehouse. The PML provides the required forms within the specified time frames and reviews them with you.

Ordering and reviewing a property valuation

This is the part for make or break. A private money deal. There are some investors that relies too much on the collateral as a security for the loan.

There are different ways to determine the value. PML will know what the investors prefers. There are a lot of investors that visits the property themselves to determine the value. The PML will nearly always want an appraisal report performed by a licensed appraiser additionally to the other method preferred by the investor.

Some investors also will use a Broker Price Opinion (BPO) to see value or supplement other valuation. This report is provided by a licensed land broker, is substantially less detailed than an appraisal, and provides the investor a way of what the property would list for within the current market environment.

Automated Valuation Model (AVM) are reports that depend upon public records and special modelling software to attain a price. Regardless of the method, or combination of methods required by an investor, your PML will order the reports, and coordinate access to the property.

Coordinating title and escrow– Escrow services are present at the same time while PML orders a title report for the title insurance purpose. There are some companies that provides both escrow and and title service. In others, a separate company or possibly an attorney will oversee the method.

The escrow services company will obtain any payoffs needed on the topic property, handle the disbursement of funds, conduct the loan closing, and record all applicable deeds and documents with the county. The PML also coordinates the transfer of the loan funds from the investor to the escrow company handling your transaction.

Underwriting and loan approval –Based on the criteria selected by the investors, PML underwrites and approve the file. A thorough review with proper documentation to justify the loan approval.

The PMLs professional reputation and potential future business with investors are going to be impacted by the performance of your loan. Some investors might want to personally review the file or have their own designated underwriters review the loan package.

Providing the loan funds –PML will play the bigger role in providing your funds. They will be the one to look for the right investors who’s willing to provide funds based on your loan package. They will establish a relationship with investors or pools, some investors so they can match you from what you need.

Once PML was able to arrange funds at the escrow company for the settlement to be finalized. There are some cases that PML will use their own money to provide you a funds and just to keep your loan for their account. After doing so, they will keep the loan in a mortgage pool so they can sell the loan to a different investor.

Determining the loan service – Once the funds was released, the Loan services will manage your account. They are the once responsible for the collections, monthly payments and they will also handle your account with escrow. They also play a part in providing you a loan statements and yearend tax documents. There are some PMLs typically provides this kind of service

 This is the other way that most PML’s earns and support their office overhead. But if your PMLs do not have this kind of service then they will look for a third party for you. Then they will transfer the required documents to your designated services. You have to make sure that you know where the first payment was made.

Final documents and closing –This is the stage where all documents required for the final deeds must be prepared. Usually PMLs will be the one to prepare the documentation. There are some instance that an attorney, or a designated documentation company will be the one to prepare your documents depends on the state. Actual closing and signing process may be different it may vary from one state to another.

Usually PML will have a notary on staff and will supervise the signing of mortgage documents, an attorney, escrow, or the title company will coordinate the signing. And PML will make sure all documents are prepared and discuss to insure that there will be no questions about the final documents.

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