How Hard Money Loans Go Wrong

When a hard money loan goes wrong, always remember that the reason is not always you. Hard money loan in Canada can fall apart easily. Private mortgage lenders in Toronto, or any Canadian private mortgage, or any other credit union sometimes they have their funds readily available.

One of the most reason that the hard money loan falls apart it’s because of funds compared if you make a loan with major banks. Banks do they have their funds available for money lenders while mortgage loans from private lenders are at mercy of their private investors. They will pool lots of investor and check if who is willing to give them a funds on your specific loan plan.


Most private investor could commit with a deal however they tend to back out at the last minute for no reason. Usually the reason have nothing to do with the process and might be personal issue like illness, death in the family member or maybe change of heart.

Most money lenders tends to become they tends to become easily annoyed because they are working as curator to a private investor that most likely unprejudiced compared than bank when it comes to delinquent payments. The banks traditional way to wait for you to pay is 30 to 90 days to foreclose while for money lenders may foreclose after 30 days.

Basically foreclose may happen even faster. Usually the lenders will ask you to do a balloon payment. They will give you a specific time to make a payment. If you may not be able to make the balloon payment will allow the money lender to go through the foreclosure process.

Wait for the monetary covenants for money loans. This is a non-monetary agreement or promises by the borrower this may also serve as the purpose of safety to the lender. To prevent the risk of money lending activities. If you’re in default of that ratio, whether or not you’re making your payment, you will lose the collateral to a foreclosure to the money lenders. If the ratios are mandatory by the lender, negotiate generous cure times, or non-foreclosure provisions.


Don’t be surprised if there are a few changes until your transaction is closed loan interest rates and fees may change. This has nothing to do with hard money lender’s integrity. If there are some changes on your existing mortgage rate then there are a lot of things that we need to consider.

Hard money lenders are getting their mortgage finance through individual investors so if the deal is quoted with one private hard money investor and that investor back out, then the next hard money loan investor that may be interested to your real estate transactions may or may not go with the same terms and conditions.

Personal guarantee it is very important to a hard money lender or even a private lending to require a personal guarantee. This is a way to secure their business in case that you may not be able to pay for your money mortgage or debts. This is standard in business. A guarantor can be a party, or an individual. The personal guarantee will be the person to declare that you are personally liable for you loan obligations. So as a borrower, you should be responsible in checking or review all the documents before signing.

If you decide that hard money loans can be suitable for you to find a good money lender to assist you talk to a professional private mortgage broker they can help you answer all of your questions regarding real estate. You may send us an email at [email protected] or call us +1 416 8250 142


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