Mortgage Loans and Private Lenders

Private mortgage lenders can be individuals or organizations that cater to individuals with low credit scores. These lenders invest their money to gain from private mortgage loans in the short term. Furthermore, they lend money to borrowers’ property purchases closed by property as collateral.

Private lenders offer help through different investments; some prefer residential mortgages and commercial properties. Most of them favor investing their money in urban areas for easy access to selling the property once the borrower defaults on his mortgage.

These lenders scrutinize lousy credit histories and scores. It will give them an idea of how to assess the different financial situations of the borrower for a potential investment opportunity. Higher mortgage rates are usually expected to counter the risk the lender takes, but getting a loan with them is hassle-free.

Private mortgages in Ontario are interest-only and short-term, ranging from 1-to 3 years. An interest-only loan doesn’t demand a principal down but instead looks into a monthly high-interest rate payment.

Mortgage loans from Private lenders

A private loan is a financial transaction between a private lender and a borrower to purchase a home or anything with a huge purpose. On the other hand, this becomes a good alternative for those with a low score. An individual with a poor score aiming for credit may get declined by a traditional lender.

It gets easier with its fast transactions and lesser paper works for some.

The private loan works like a regular mortgage that requires you to pay back following payment terms and a binding agreement- in other words, keeping up with interest within the agreed time frame. Furthermore, the lender makes your property collateral which can be foreclosed whenever you default on your mortgage.

Benefits of Private Mortgage Lenders

A private lender can be your good friend if you plan to start an investment but have no money ready. Most private mortgage lenders in Canada will lend you money according to the requirements you must meet. Below are the few benefits of a private lender.

Fewer Requirements

Applying for any loan requires paperwork, of course. But compared to conventional lenders, private lenders offer fewer requirements making it hassle-free.
You’ll have a better chance of getting approved if fewer requirements exist. Its main objective is to give people with a low score a chance of qualifying for a loan. In this case, a private lender can save your day!

Quick Loan Approval

A lesser requirement comes with speedy transactions. Sometimes, it will take 2-3 weeks to get your loan approval and hours to hand in the money.

Always note that everything should be ready when you apply to schedule your appraisal as soon as possible.

In the process, these lenders will consider your property, down payment, income, and equity. You’ll not wait longer to receive the cash if you’re fit enough and appealing.

Simple Loan Process

Fewer requirements and quick approval mean a simplified loan process. The loan process is simple for both lender and borrower if consent is observed between two parties. In other words, the borrower will get access to better facilities and loan benefits.

On the other hand, it’s beneficial on the part of a lender as nothing will not delay the issuance of loan money because the property is readily available for collateral at the same time.

Credit Improvements

A private loan allows you to boost your score and credit history. Borrowing money, especially significant money, can impact your future financial history. The key is to always pay on time and never miss any monthly payments. That way, it can positively impact your credit profile.

Always note that a quality credit score increases the chance of getting loans in the future.

When should you use private mortgage lenders?

  • If you want to purchase a property that a conventional lender won’t finance.
  • Having a bad credit score makes it a drawback for prime lenders.
  • Needs for a short-term loan.
  • You have a non-confirmable income that hinders you from getting a conventional mortgage.
  • A need for fast financing without waiting for a lengthy approval process.

How to get a loan from a Private lender

Borrowing money with a bad credit score can be challenging, but not with a private lender. You may have heard that private loans are good alternatives to conventional loans.

Types of Private Mortgage Lenders

1. A personal lender or Individual lender – An individual who lends personal money to achieve returns.

2. Syndicate Investors – Group of investors that invest money collectively into a single mortgage.

3. Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) – Group of investors pools their money simultaneously, open to investing in different mortgages. To qualify, borrowers should meet specific criteria.

While it’s easier to get a private loan than a traditional lender, you also have to meet the requirements to qualify for the criteria. You can note the information below.

4. Proof of Income – Impress your lender with your monthly income. It shows security and makes it more comfortable for your lender to make you qualify. A dependable income makes it more appealing to pay them back.

5. Larger Down Payment – A larger down payment displays that you have good money to invest. At the same time, it builds trust that you can keep up with your payments. In other words, a default is not a word to you!

6. Property type and value – The property should have a strict appraisal before your approval. This evaluation is essential, especially if you have a low score. It ensures that the lender’s investment is secured with you if you default on your mortgage.

Risks of Private Mortgages

Private loans seem to be accessible and more manageable, but there are areas that you should be aware of to determine if you’re willing to accept their nature and value.

Higher interest rates

Private lenders allow huge risks from riskier clients with poor credit scores than prime lenders. As a result, they offer higher mortgage rates to make the risk meaningful and worthwhile.

Additional fees

Added broker’s fees and commissions charged separately, unlike traditional lenders that pay their mortgage brokers.


Private lenders are far quicker than traditional lenders to put your property into foreclosure once you default on your mortgage.

Short-term loan

Most people will find it compressing to pay your loan within 2-3 years.

To Sum Up!

A private mortgage loan can be your savior whenever you have enough drawbacks. Its accessibility and fast setup of transactions sound excellent and pleasing to most people. However, there is no such thing as a too-good-to-be-true benefit.
Everything comes with advantages and downsides that make everything balanced. Your choice will determine your willingness to accept its risk distinctions.

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